The Home Of America’s Team: Texas Stadium

1. America’s Team at Home in Texas Stadium
2. Bigger-Than-Live Texas Stadium Opens with Billy Graham Crusade
3. Cotton Bowl Team Moves From Dallas to Irving and Into Texas Stadium Home
4. Dallas Cowboys’ Fans Remember Texas Stadium and the Teams that Played There
5. Emmitt Smith becomes NFL’s All-Time Leading Rusher During Game at Texas Stadium
6. Farewell Old Friend, directstartv vermont, Texas Stadium Remembered in Fan’s Tributes
7. Great Music Rocks Texas Stadium! From Rock to Country to Caribbean Beat Talented Musicians
Overflow the House
8. Host of 1973 AFC-NFC Pro Bowl
9. Implosion Brings Down Texas Stadium [

The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders: Lighting Up Texas Stadium

Football by itself is a wildly popular sport among fans. This much has been made very clear by those same fans cheering on their teams and getting very into it. However, that does not mean that there is not a sideshow to every game. As a matter of fact, the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders bring in quite a lot of attention all on their own.

The cheerleaders are the scantly clad women that have a whole set of [Read more →]

Texas Stadium’s First Coach: Tom Landry

“The Great Innovator”, Tom Landry while still an assistant with the New York Giants, was credited with developing the “4-3″ defense”that being four down linemen and three linebackers. Tweaking his design even further once he arrived in Dallas as head coach of the Cowboys, his new version of the “4-3″ morphed into what is now known as the “Flex”, meaning that two of the four down linemen were one yard off the line of scrimmage and whose assignments [Read more →]

A History of High School Football At Texas Stadium

There is a good argument to be made that the state of Texas has the greatest high school football in the United States. In a state where things tend to be bigger, high school football seems to be the biggest of them all. Due to the vast popularity of high school football in Texas, it was not uncommon for Texas Stadium to be the site of the state high school football championships. High school football triple headers were not uncommon throughout the 1980s and 90s. Texas Stadium also was the home field [Read more →]

A History Of College Football At Texas Stadium

Texas Stadium opened in 1971 for the Dallas Cowboys to play their home games. But the stadium provided more than just a home for the professional football teams. From 1979 until 1986, Texas Stadium became the home stadium to the Southern Methodist University Mustangs team as the home team stadium.

In 1982, the SMU Mustangs went undefeated winning every away game and home game. In their last game with Arkansas, the game ended in a tie making the SMU Mustangs an undefeated team. The SMU Mustangs were the [Read more →]

The Texas Stadium Game Day Experience

There is no greater experience than watching a football game at Texas Stadium. When the Cowboys run out onto the field, an adrenaline rush is sure to shoot up the spines of all fans. While watching Tony Romo warm up, you are immediately amped for a big game. Additionally, you can see the majestic beauty of the stadium. There is a giant hd television that hangs over the center of the field. This ensures that you can follow the game not only live on the field, but also on the television which broadcasts with tremendous clarity.

In addition to the game, the Cowboy cheerleaders are sure to entertain. These beautiful ladies are quite the sight to behold. When you are rooting for the Cowboys, you can’t help but be astounded by the legacy of the franchise. They have won Super Bowls in different decades. They have had amazing players like Emmitt Smith and Tony Dorsett. The lineage of Cowboys players is unmatched by any team in the NFL. At Texas Stadium, you really feel like you are part of something special. This experience makes for a great time as you watch the Cowboys outplay all the toughest teams in the NFL.

A History Of Thanksgiving Day Games At Texas Stadium

There has been a long tradition of playing football, and the state of Texas. From the Dallas Cowboys, to other note worthy college teams, the Texas Stadium, prior to it being torn down and made in to the dome, was a great place that this tradition took place at. Today, the Cowboys play their games in the new dome, but they had the tradition up to 2008, to play in the outdoor Texas stadium, that housed thousands of fans, to watch them take on an opponent, when they are playing on the Thanksgiving Day ball game, that millions of fans love to watch around the country, after their dinner. So, whether or not you are a Cowboys fan, you are going to find that they have a strong tradition with football, and playing on this date, at their home stadium, and giving the fans something to cheer about when playing.

The tradition of holding games took place in 1971, when the league was still fairly young, and has gone on up to today, when the Cowboys still take the field every year on Thanksgiving. It has become a tradition not only for the fans in Dallas, but also for fans of the entire NFL league, and watching the game with their families, after enjoying a great meal together. The game usually takes place in the evening, after college football, and other major games in the NFL had taken place in the afternoon. But, when evening rolls around, all NFL fans know that the Cowboys are going to be taking on a rivaled opponent, at their home field, on Thanksgiving night. Although the games are in a new stadium as of recent years, due to the dome being built, fans still love the tradition of watching their team play this evening.

NEW Stadiums to Love

If you spend your weekends watching football on your channels you’re likely the same as us, missing the wide shots of Texas Stadium on the screen. If there’s a stadium shaped hole in your heart here are a few other stadiums to get behindreally!
Cowboys Stadium: We know, you really miss the OTHER Texas stadium but give this one a chance! It’s got the biggest HDTV screen in the entire world and hey, there’s nothing not to love about the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders!
Sanford Stadium: Clearly you like classic football arenas and this is one of the best out there. The Dawgs don’t directly compete with your Texas teams (well, until A&M joins the SEC) so you can appreciate those hedges and the massive structure without feeling like a traitor.
Lambeau Field: Green Bay has quite a history behind their football team and you know something? Part of it’s because of the stadium. It may not be identical to Texas Stadium but the past this place has is second to none – we think you can really appreciate it.

Texas Stadium And The Hole In The Roof

In the mid 1960-s, then owner of the Dallas Cowboys Clint Murchison Jr. wanted a new stadium for his football team. He originally wanted a stadium in downtown Dallas, but eventually decided on a location in Irving, Texas.

Texas Stadium opened in 1971 and was best known for its “hole in the roof’. The roof, which is structurally independent from the stadium, was originally designed to be retractable, but the roofs weight was too much and the design had to be changed. The end result was a stadium that had most of its seating covered by the roof, but a [Read more →]

From The Cotton Bowl to Texas Stadium

Texas Stadium was one of the greatest stadiums in the history of football. In 1971, this stadium was erected to save the Cotton Bowl from extinction. The Cotton Bowl was an old bowl game that many people thought was dying. The building of Texas Stadium saved this magnificent bowl game which is still regarded with esteem today.

Texas Stadium also hosted the Dallas Cowboys. While playing at Texas Stadium, the Cowboys were one of the best teams in NFL [Read more →]