The 10 Best Texas Stadium Performances

Texas Stadium no longer exists. It was demolished in April 11, 2010. It was designed to replace the aging Cotton Bowl, but failed to do so completely. The Cotton Bowl building still stands. At one point it served as the home of the Dallas Cowboys, but the newly built Cowboys stadium replaced it.

The stadium was built in the late 60s because the area where the original Cowboys Stadium was located had become run-down. The owner of the stadium did not want to subject the high-paying ticket holders to this. He tried to build the stadium in Dallas, but his request was denied. He turned to a suburb instead.

The Texas Stadium hosted many college football games and hosted four seasons of Major League Soccer Matches in 1986. The best and most memorable performance in stadium were not given by the Cowboys, college football players or any other sports team. The stadium hosted many concerts. Garth Brooks held a concert than in 1993. A year later, the stadium hosted the largest Christian concert in history.

The Cowboys called this stadium home until 2008. It was the departure of the Cowboys for the new Cowboys- Stadium that sealed the venue-s demise. It’s hard to come up with the 10 best performances for the stadium, although it did see the Cowboys win four Super Bowls.

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