NEW Stadiums to Love

If you spend your weekends watching football on your channels you’re likely the same as us, missing the wide shots of Texas Stadium on the screen. If there’s a stadium shaped hole in your heart here are a few other stadiums to get behindreally!
Cowboys Stadium: We know, you really miss the OTHER Texas stadium but give this one a chance! It’s got the biggest HDTV screen in the entire world and hey, there’s nothing not to love about the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders!
Sanford Stadium: Clearly you like classic football arenas and this is one of the best out there. The Dawgs don’t directly compete with your Texas teams (well, until A&M joins the SEC) so you can appreciate those hedges and the massive structure without feeling like a traitor.
Lambeau Field: Green Bay has quite a history behind their football team and you know something? Part of it’s because of the stadium. It may not be identical to Texas Stadium but the past this place has is second to none – we think you can really appreciate it.

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