A History Of Thanksgiving Day Games At Texas Stadium

There has been a long tradition of playing football, and the state of Texas. From the Dallas Cowboys, to other note worthy college teams, the Texas Stadium, prior to it being torn down and made in to the dome, was a great place that this tradition took place at. Today, the Cowboys play their games in the new dome, but they had the tradition up to 2008, to play in the outdoor Texas stadium, that housed thousands of fans, to watch them take on an opponent, when they are playing on the Thanksgiving Day ball game, that millions of fans love to watch around the country, after their dinner. So, whether or not you are a Cowboys fan, you are going to find that they have a strong tradition with football, and playing on this date, at their home stadium, and giving the fans something to cheer about when playing.

The tradition of holding games took place in 1971, when the league was still fairly young, and has gone on up to today, when the Cowboys still take the field every year on Thanksgiving. It has become a tradition not only for the fans in Dallas, but also for fans of the entire NFL league, and watching the game with their families, after enjoying a great meal together. The game usually takes place in the evening, after college football, and other major games in the NFL had taken place in the afternoon. But, when evening rolls around, all NFL fans know that the Cowboys are going to be taking on a rivaled opponent, at their home field, on Thanksgiving night. Although the games are in a new stadium as of recent years, due to the dome being built, fans still love the tradition of watching their team play this evening.

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