A History Of College Football At Texas Stadium

Texas Stadium opened in 1971 for the Dallas Cowboys to play their home games. But the stadium provided more than just a home for the professional football teams. From 1979 until 1986, Texas Stadium became the home stadium to the Southern Methodist University Mustangs team as the home team stadium.

In 1982, the SMU Mustangs went undefeated winning every away game and home game. In their last game with Arkansas, the game ended in a tie making the SMU Mustangs an undefeated team. The SMU Mustangs were the winners of the year’s Cotton Bowl Classic in Texas against Pittsburgh.

All-Star Running Back Eric Dickerson is the only Pro Football Hall of Famer who played for the SMU Mustangs during their tenure at Texas Stadium. Dickerson was third runner-up in the votes for the Heisman Trophy, behind Herschel Walker from Georgia. Eric Dickerson later went on to be picked in the first round in the NFL Draft, and was drafted to the Los Angeles Rams.

Texas Stadium was later demolished in 2010. Despite its destruction, it will always be remembered as the stadium where D.D. Lewis stated that God watched his favorite team through the hole in the roof.

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